Labat blue smiles along with you.

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2012 Outerwear

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Taking some photos and writing the press release for 2012 launch monday.  

We have some nice people helping us out with it


Maple Ridge

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Maple Ski Ridge is about as old fashion as ski ridges come,  its a small hill with "two" 300 yard trails, and a gully pipe kinda thing... its an awesome place.  steve and i both learned to ski here in the late 1970's.  alot of what we think is cool about alpine decent was cultivated here no doubt.  In the top photo you can see the expert trail to the far left in the trees, the gully to its right, and the main trail in the center of the photo.    also, * night skiing!



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 dads truck send us a self addressed stamped envelope to:

                                OWNER OPERATOR USA STICKER CLUB

                                87 RICHARDSON STREET #300C 

                                BROOKLYN NY 11211 USA.  

2. make sure to triple up on the return postage

3. during the night shift, a real live raccoon will fill your return envelope with stickers

4. you put the stickers on your stuff

love, dr. powder


Pop Up Flea


New Owner Operator knit hats, as well as our classic Operator 111 parka are available at Pop Up Flea. (I spy the previously unseen Owner Operator Factory Hat, along with the Sunset Hat in the corner!)

Friday 3pm - 9pm (kick off with drinks)

Saturday 11am - 7pm

Sunday 11am - 6pm

159 Bleecker Street (at Thompson Street) | December 2nd, 3rd & 4th 201


New Things

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We do have a couple new things, our official release date for our 2012 outerwear is next monday. I wanted give a big thank you to Owner Operator's very own Luke Skywalker, our awesome intern.  For using the force and helping us complete our hangtags for recent orders on time we salute you.


Saranac Lake Community Store

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A Town Creates Its Own Department Store


Turn down Wal Mart, do it yourself, and keep your community intact.


Glamorous Business

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A inside look at the glamourous world of an up and coming New York fashion company.


Track Jumpers USA

Snowboarding buddy film from 1993.  Beware: shifties, fs 360's, late backside 180's, and the Stratton ditch feature heavily!  These were good times.  Note: Owner Operator co founder Peter Sieper gets the opener, and that's me getting stung by the scorpion near the end!



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Terje Haakonsen is still the best snowboarder of all time.  This is the most footage I've seen of him in a while, and he's totally killing it.  Amazing style in the pow, and even better in the air.